Nicolas Claverin was born in 1978. After completing training in jewelry craftsmanship, he assisted in the development of Ginette NY. He worked for several highly esteemed creators including Lydia Courteille and the Frojo House. He always wanted to “spread his wings” thus applying his personal touch to the creations. It is for this reason that he launched Claverin, a brand which combines the timelessness of pearls and motifs which are considered “more rock.” Together with his experience and creativity, Nicolas was able to launch an original and moving collection, which quickly soared and attracted the attention of some the biggest names in the distribution sector.

Antoine Duval was born in 1980. After earning a degree from Euromed Marseille, he went on to earn a Masters in Management in Barcelona (Spain). Antoine worked several years in France as well as internationally. However, his entrepreneurial thirst led him to create his first company, a luxury second-hand boutique, when he was 25 years old. Demonstrating strong expertise in management and company start-ups, he decided to take on a new challenge. Antoine’s encounter with Nicolas solidified their interdependence and sealed their collaboration. He is responsible for Claverin’s management and international development.