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Hope Collection

Claverin presents you Malachite.

This collection is available in necklaces, chokers, rings, bracelets and earrings. With its original character malachite punctuates your look of a natural elegance.

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Minimalist elegance

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Man or woman

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Portraits of Creators

When two elements enriched by their differences meet.

When the art of creating and the art of communicating meet.

When dream and reality meet.

When the abstract and the concrete meet.

When Nicolas and Antoine met in 2010, this alchemy gave life to Claverin.

They come from different horizons, one of the world jewelry, the other of finance and communication.

But they look in the same direction and have the same goal: to create a strong brand, beautiful, elegant, timeless and precious.

The revisited Pearl

The timeless Odyssey

A universal symbol of purity and elegance, the pearl evokes fascination and inspiration in the world of jewelry.
Claverin brings a unique signature, the perfect combination of timelessness and refinement with a hint of irreverence.

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