The revisited Pearl

Claverin draws inspiration from its creations in the depth of pearls, their light and reflections. Colorful, natural and carefully selected to enhance creations always more rock, glamorous and chic, they are the precursor of a new style that makes them contemporary without altering their delicacy.

Perfect allies of all styles, from the most sober to the most edgy, the pearls sublime and reveal the women who grasp them.

But the pearl has many facets, including those of men sensitive to rare and precious things. Claverin creates original collections dedicated to them.

"Inside the atelier"

Exceptional know-how

It is above all the passion of their job and precious materials that guide the work of the experts of the Claverin workshops. The precision in the gesture, the quality of the French know-how, the care taken with each of the creations offer exceptional jewels, and unique collections with modern and purified lines.

The craftsmen of the Claverin workshops carefully source each pearl that is calibrated and delicately pierced. Pink, white, black or golden, the pearls all come from pearl farms and are natural. Each piece is made with respect to the tradition of artisan jewelry, and some creations are unique.

The skill of the French know-how combined with the brand's passion and creativity, offer true masterpieces of jewelry.