Simply Pearly Bracelet (White Pearl)

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258,33 €

  • White pearl 7/7.5 mm
  • White pearl 9/9.5 mm

White pearl bracelet. Two sizes available: diameter: 7/7.5 mm or 9/9.5 mm (photo), on a fine white gold chain (17 cm) with ring setting to fit the wrist’s size measuring at 15 cm. Total weight of gold: 0.6 grams

Our pearls:We meticulously choose high quality pearls to ensure that you’ll be completely satisfied. Our pearls come in different colors, shine and natural luster. Also, they do not undergo any type of processing.
White Pearls:Our white pearls are cultured in fresh water. They are produced from pearl farms located in Asia (originating from Cumingi de Hyriopsis mussels).
Uses:While wearing them, pearls interact with the skin. (Caution: some skin types can contribute to the deterioration of pearls). Avoid contact with cosmetics and fragrances. Jewelry is precious and must be worn with care.
Storage:Keep your pearls away from other gemstones which may damage them. Store them at room temperature. For extended storage, make sure to place them near a receptacle filled with water.
Maintenance:Clean your pearls using room temperature water and a soft cloth. You can also apply a drop of olive oil to create shine. For all other maintenance, consult a professional.
Warranty:All our creations are delivered with a certificate of authenticity.